Qld First Home Owner Construction Grant

The $15,000 Qld First Home Owner Construction Grant (FHOCG):

If you are a buying or building a new home in Toowoomba at a value under $750,000 then you may be eligible for the 15,000 first-home owner construction grant (FHOCG)

Here are things you should know:

1.    The FHOCG is for first-home buyers who are buying a newly constructed or off-the-plan property.

2.    The FHOCG replaces the first-home owner grant (which was $7,000.)

The following eligibility criteria apply:

1.    It must become your principal place of residence within one year of taking ownership.

2.    It must be your principle place of residence for at least six months.

3.    You must not dispose of all or part of the property within one year after you start to occupy the residence as your home.

4.    The property must be bought or built at a value under $750,000.

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